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oomla is an open source content management software that needs a host supporting PHP5 (or later) and uses a MySQL database. It has a powerful application framework and is used in a number of websites worldwide from Citibank intranet to Harvard University and MTV networks quizilla.

The most strong point of joomla as an open source web technology is that being easily available, a Joomla website is able to function and present more finely than a multimillion dollar website. With an online community of 45,000 registered developers to support its expansion and share new code and innovation, Joomla is here to stay for a long while.

By using Joomla one could do everything from building online virtual communities to maintaining the web server for his or her joomla site and much more. It has a robust system that can be tuned to specific needs of the developer and an innovative presentation to keep things simple. It provides you with the best functionality and dramatically reduces the website costs making it the most flexible content management software to choose.

Here at Thru Vision, we use Joomla to provide you a dynamic interaction over internet and providing you a fulfilled web experience.

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