Android Development


he graph of Android application is exponentially on the rise from the day it has hit the market. The sudden rise in popularity of the Android platform can largely be attributed to its friendly interface with powerful multitasking that lets you run several applications at the same time. Due to these features and popularity many companies are migrating their native applications and web presence to the Android platform.

Thru Vision provides the powerful user based tools and application Development services for the android platform in the following fields:

  • Android based multimedia applications that will rock your world and provide you with aesthetically better user experience.
  • Social Networking Applications built specifically for you organization’s needs to jazz up your online presence.
  • Travel based applications for the industries that are related to the Tourism industries with comprehensive portability and GPS based functionality.
  • E-Commerce platform for your Android platform.
  • Loads of Entertainment based tools and gaming developments to make you Android peripheral and mobile devices a truly magnificent piece to hang on.
  • Messaging Application that are well suited for both individual needs and bulk messaging requirements.
  • Financial Applications for tracking your money, investment and most importantly your expenditure.

Here at Thru Vision, we believe in employing comprehensive study of your business problem to provide you with creative solutions that are touchstone of excellence, building applications that create a plethora of extra functionality for your android phone.

We understand you and thus emphasize on delivering applications that are customized to fulfill your business needs and choices.