Video and Photography Services

Professional Videography And Photography


hru Vision Studios delivers a professional and creative videography & photography services for a wide range of clients and industries. With many years experience in the Video & Photography profession and the focus on providing professional service to clients, we know, what our customers need . Our studio is based in Sungai Buloh, but works both on location and in studio. Thru Vision Studios specializes in providing high quality, dynamic imagery for a range of commercial use, from advertising and location, film stills to documentary and music video, Thru Vision Studios can cater for all needs. Please ask for details and prices.

Using professional digital equipment and location lighting set-up, Thru Vision Studios provides a professional videographic & photographic service to a wide range of businesses,musicians and clients. The service is designed to be friendly and high quality, providing exceptional contemporary photography, helping clients to get stunning and dynamic video & photography for their business.

With a competitive price structure, Thru Vision Studios has over 4 years industry experience and a flexible approach, tailored to suit individual client’s needs.

  • Commercial Video & Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Corporate Shoots
  • Event Video & Photography
  • Wedding Video & Photography
  • Portfolio Shoots
  • Model Shoots
  • Music Video